I can not for a second imagine my life without cookbooks. I don’t want to count how many I have. Even after the last few boxes of books that were donated to the library, I know I still have too many. But I love them all for opening up worlds and flavours unknown, glimpses into other kitchens and images that sparked my interest and subsequent career in food photography.

I have photographed a number of books, collaborated on a few and co-wrote one and the thought of producing an e-cookbook had been an appealing concept for a while. It is a much more instant process plus it is so much easier to share the book with friends and readers all over the world (the cost of shipping from something from South Africa is astronomical).

So it was during the pandemic of 2020, I sat down to start work on the first one, Drunk and Hungry, inspired by a meal on our last trip before the pandemic hit, in New York City. I really like the idea of a focussed subject matter, 15 – 18 recipes in a convenient format, a quick download and an affordable price. After Drunk and Hungry came Everyday Traybakes and the ideas for the next two books are slowly gaining shape.

Below you can purchase them as the selection grows, as well as some e-cookbooks by friends.

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